Kellermeister Wines is a boutique family owned Barossa winery with world class wines where you can enjoy a platter while enjoying a beautiful view at the friendly cellar door. They are the proud recipients of the ‘Wine of the Year’ award for their 2015 Wild Witch Shiraz  – awarded at the 2019 London Wine Competition. Winemaker/owner Mark Pearce gives his top Barossa tips

Tell us something about you (or your wine) that we don’t know.

I go to France every year, worked vintage in Chateauneuf du Pape and lived there with my wife and kids in 2015 and I finish my winemaking degree in Bordeaux in 2020 (my first degree is commerce and I’m also a qualified accountant )

Give us one word that sums up Barossa.


You’re going to a friend’s place for dinner, what drinks do you take?

A bottle of wine from the cellar (Barossa, French or Italian) and some nice cheeses (French or Barossa)

You have been given a cloak of invisibility. Whose wine do you go and grab a bottle of at Barossa Be Consumed?

A bottle of Torbreck’s 2012 Laird, in the unlikely event it was being poured.

What’s your perfect night in (or your perfect night out)?

A long table dinner with family and friends with a table heavy laden with lots of good food and wine.

What’s your food or wine guilty pleasure?

Barolo and a pasta dish with lots of shaved truffles from Piedmont (the guilty part being the cost!)

Your Fave Road Trip Songs?

Looking back on music that reminds me of places is how music works for me eg Daft Punk reminds me of a trip we did a year or so ago with the family through the majestic Yosemite National Park in California.

What grape variety or wine style most interests you at the moment?

Anything from the Rhone – Northern Rhone Shiraz – Southern Rhone Grenache blends , Chateauneuf du Pape Grenache.

You can ask any 3 people (alive or not) to a Barossa dinner party, who gets an invite?

My mother who passed away when I was a a teenager, her father whom she loved dearly and dies before I was born, and her mother whom I never knew.

What food is on the table?

SA Oysters freshly shucked and nice cold sitting on crushed ice – we’d start with these. Freshly baked bread and French butter, aged rib eye grilled over quality wood, Paris mashed potatoes , creamed spinach , French mustards . Lots of French and Italian cheeses on a big wooden board .

Name your one Barossa ‘must do’

Enjoy a local produce platter and a couple of glasses of wine at a charming cellar door with great wines in offer.

Your most memorable wine? Or the wine that got you interested in the wine caper?

Aged Grand Cru Burgundy , Domaine Armand Rousseau Chambertin blew my mind and opened me up to another whole world of possibility of what wine could taste like – I had only really experienced excellent red wines from Australia and average European wines at that early point, so it was a revelation … 

You know you ’re in Barossa when you …. See | hear | smell ?

See the vines , hear the trucks carting grapes during vintage and smell the wood fires in winter .

Kellermeister Wines are joining us for Barossa. Be Consumed in Sydney on July 13 and Melbourne on July 20.

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