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Organic Wine – why should you care?

2017-10-18T22:07:11+10:30August 9th, 2012|From the Vines, Wine|

A glass of wine is enjoyable for us, but the cultivation of the fruits can be quite harmful to the environment. Because of the high demand of wines, grapes are heavily sprayed with pesticides and synthetic fertilizer which destroy the soil of nutrition and pollute [...]

Grower Profile – Adrian Hoffman

2017-10-18T22:07:12+10:30March 28th, 2012|From the Vines, Interviews, Latest Dirt|

Adrian Hoffmann is a sixth generation Barossa vigneron. His family have been landowners here since 1857, and Adrian is now Director of Dimchurch vineyards at Ebenezer in the northern end of the Barossa Valley. He manages 120 hectares of vines producing, on average, around 700 [...]