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Winegrapes for Sale

Grape VarietyRegionVine AgeRootstockAreaTonnes p/hectareEstimated TonnesPrice p/tonneMore Info
RieslingWilliamstown47Own3.01339$700View Details
Cabernet SauvignonRowland Flat4Own3.5827.6$1600View Details
MataroRowland Flat14Own0.7575.0$2250View Details
ShirazLyndoch6Own4.0ha1248$1600View Details
ShirazLyndoch14Own3.3ha1033$1600View Details
Cabernet SauvignonLyndoch5Own5.0ha1012.8$1600View Details
Cabernet SauvignonLyndoch26Own4.151044$1600View Details
ShirazAltona4Own0.898$1800View Details
ShirazAltona4Own2920$1800View Details
Cabernet SauvignonRowland Flat5Own286.5$1800View Details
MerlotSouthern Barossa Valley19Own1.7 ha523$1700View Details
MataroSouthern Barossa Valley9Own0.7 ha47$2250View Details
ShirazBarossa range (menglers hill)23Own4.5202000View Details
Cabernet SauvignonBarossa19Own1.3310.52142300View Details
ShirazBarossa54Own1.5812$2750View Details
CabernetBarossa18149 Ruggeri11010$2500View Details
CabernetBarossa231103 Paulson21020$2500View Details
Cabernet SauvignonNuriootpa East36 yearsOwn0.336.062.001800.00View Details
SemillonNuriootpa WestAgedOwn1.2866.228.00$800.00View Details
RieslingNuriootpa East28 to 32Own0.46.252.5$800.00View Details
ShirazNuriootpa East17 to 32 yearsOwn9.137.165.00$2000.00View Details
MerlotBarossa35yrs1103 Paulson1.8 H10T20 T$1700View Details
ShirazBarossa4yrs,25yrs,and44yrs1103 Paulson1.6 old,1.4,4yr old,6.4 25yrs old7 T per Hec45 T$2000View Details
Grape VarietyRegionVine AgeRootstockAreaTonnes p/hectareEstimated TonnesPrice p/tonneMore Info

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