Arno Wine Co are packing up the Kombi and heading to Melbourne on July 20 for Barossa Be Consumed. Read on for their top Barossa tips:

Can you tell us about Arno?

We are a small, boutique wine label, the rambunctious vinous child of husband and wife team Ruby Stobart and Craig Viney. We take an intuitive and genuine approach to making our wine, we pick early and on flavour, retaining natural acid, and actively seek a natural path. This means natural yeasts, gentle handling of ferments and oak to support rather than dominate. We aim to truly capture a sense of the site from where the grapes grow. We make wines we like to drink – fresh, bright and dangerously drinkable.

How about something about you (or your wine) that we don’t know?

We love Grenache so much we have four Grenache projects happening, including a Super Grenache release later this year. 

Give us one word that sums up Barossa.


You’re going to a friend’s place for dinner, what drinks do you take?

A 6 pack of Coopers Session Ale, bottle of Semillon for the salty snacks and a magnum of  Mataro. 

You have been given a cloak of invisibility. Whose wine do you go and grab a bottle of at Barossa Be Consumed?

First Drop Garnacha for the win!

What’s your perfect night in (or your perfect night out)?

Cabernet & Killing Eve.

What’s your food or wine guilty pleasure?

Hot chips & semillon!

What are some of your favourite road trip songs?

Horse with no name – America, Alive – Pearl Jam, Everybody but you – Thundamentals, Starboy – The Weekend, Vincent – Don McLean.

What grape variety or wine style most interests you at the moment?

G-knackers (Grenache) cos it’s a shape shifter, oh-so-drinkable and versatile.

You can ask any 3 people (alive or not) to a Barossa dinner party, who gets an invite?

Eddie Vedder, Anthony Kiedes, and our mate Dave.

What food is on the table?


Name your one Barossa ‘must do’.

Early morning hike in Kaiser Stuhl Conservation Park, coffee-filled thermos and bakery sausage rolls. 

Your most memorable wine? Or the wine that got you interested in the wine caper?

Pete Schell’s/Spinifex Wines Papillon

You know you ’re in Barossa when you …. See | hear | smell ?

Linke’s butcher smokehouse on a Thursday morning.

Catch up with Arno Wine Co. at Barossa Be Consumed on July 20 in Melbourne.

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