The BGWA’s “Services to Industry” award was initiated by the Grape Barossa committee 10 years ago.

Nominations are made by their peers when candidates demonstrate values of dedication, leadership and a sustained period of voluntary service to the Barossa grape growing community.

BGWA is very pleased to extend the award this year to a person who has served Barossa grape growers in a voluntary capacity for two decades – quite a feat for someone who celebrated his 40th birthday only a few years ago!

This person is Barossa ‘born and bred’, and a fifth-generation grape grower.

For 20 years, he has been heavily involved in representing Barossa on local and state committees, workshops and industry groups.

This journey started 21 years ago as a member of the Koonunga Ag Bureau.

Since Grape Barossa’s beginnings in 2008, he has been an energetic, valuable member of this committee, including 3 years as Chair and 2 years as Vice-Chair.

He was one of the early members of the Barossa VitiTech Group, and for 5 years he represented the region’s grape growers on the BGWA Board.

He is also currently the Barossa growers’ representative on the Wine Grape Council of South Australia, a position he has held since 2015.

A Baron of Barossa for 13 years, he was recently inducted as a Grand Council member.

Ten years ago, this person was a participant in Wine Australia’s Future Leaders’ Program.

But before that, in 1999, he was the inaugural recipient of Barossa’s Young Ambassador Award.

This put him in front of many great Barossans, which groomed him for his Barossa journey.

This journey has led him to develop one of Barossa’s great vineyards, which produces some of the region’s top wines – a couple under the family label with winemaker partners.

His peers have said: “Most importantly, this person has the ability to see an opportunity and act on it for the greater good – where most just do their own thing.”

Over the years he has supported many growers in need, helping sell their fruit through his contacts in the industry.

Awarded Vigneron of the Year in 2008, he has helped other growers lift their vineyard skills and given them an understanding of what winemakers want to see. This has rewarded both grower and winemaker.

Both at regional and state levels he represents grower interests on a commercial level with enthusiasm and a drive for completion.

It is with great pleasure that we announce Adrian Hoffmann as the 2020 recipient of the Barossa Grape & Wine Association’s “Services to Industry” award.

Congratulations Adrian!